July 4, 2012


6513527I continue to have the pleasure and good fortune to have many clients, prospects, and friends share many great articles and discussions regarding fundraising with me. Just recently, I was shared another article by a kind friend of mine that he saw on Charity Village’s web site and it really resonated with what I hear from many clients and prospects. (Although this article specifically relates to special events, I think the theme of it can be used to analyze any type of fundraising campaign that your organization is considering).

Some of my clients and/or prospects say: I think I should do a golf tournament this year as I hear they make so much money!; everyone is sending out an annual appeal during the holidays, why don’t I?; I hear of so many nonprofits getting big major gifts from various oil companies, why don’t we go out and do that?

These are all valid questions and statements, however every nonprofit organization needs to evaluate what the best types of fundraising methods are and which one or ones’ are the best fit for their nonprofit. I like the way the article defines a great way to look at fundraising possibilities: “Therefore, when planning your fundraisers, in addition to accomplishing your financial goals, also consider how your fundraiser can help communicate your mission and spread awareness of your cause.”

In big nonprofit organizations there are usually enough resources, both monetary and human, to do all of them i.e. major gifts, sponsorships, annual campaigns, special events, etc.; however in many small and medium size nonprofits, choices must be made as to what fundraising campaigns they are capable of doing and have the capacity to fulfill and which one(s) would communicate the mission and spread awareness of your cause the best.

Please feel free to check out this article and let me know what you think in the comment section. I would appreciate your thoughts on this subject matter. Thanks! https://charityvillage.com/Content.aspx?topic=Think_outside_the_fundraising_box

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