October 11, 2017


If you Google transparency you get such synonyms as: translucency, limpidity, clearness, clarity, openness, accountability, straightforwardness and candor.

Transparency is certainly a top consideration when deciding which charity to support.

Familiarity also comes into play. Those very familiar with charities have more positive views such as the belief that these charities are important and have positive impact.

Charities have rallied around ‘impact’ as the way to engage Canadians with the importance of their work, and rightly so. But as we consider Canadians desire for transparency, perhaps the path to trust is clearer.

In addition, nonprofit organizations which are transparent with their own people, and give them a meaningful voice in their organization, can leverage that to the public at large, i.e. managers & staff interacting directly with the public at-large, expanding public awareness and trust. Assuming the goodness of those people, the more people who are equipped to share organizations values and benefits.

So, it is not only important for nonprofit organizations to do the right things with the money they get donated, but to hire and educate the right people in the nonprofit organization so they are spreading the right message of the nonprofit in the most authentic and “transparent” way possible.

If you would like to learn more about how my experience and skills may be able to help benefit your nonprofit, or a nonprofit you may be associated with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me as I would be pleased to meet and discuss the opportunity of working together.

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