May 11, 2017

The importance of volunteering

Recently my partner Sharon and I volunteered for a neat nonprofit, Food for Peace, at Ronald McDonald House. Food For Peace describes themselves as a group of volunteers that enjoy bringing FREE healthy, environmentally friendly meals to the masses to enjoy, educate and improve their strength of community, recognizing everybody’s right to clean, healthy, sustainable, & tasty food. They currently make approximately 1,200 free meals per month for the homeless and 50 free meals per month for the Ronald MacDonald House. They are looking to expand on what they are currently doing, in Calgary and around Alberta, hopefully with all our contributions of help and ideas!

It was a really fulfilling experience making and serving food to all the families that temporarily live at Ronald McDonald House. For a very affordable $13 per day, families that live more than 45 kilometers from Calgary can make Ronald McDonald House their home while going through the stressful experience of having a child in the hospital. Families stay from a couple of days and some up to a year or more.

I also volunteer for 100 Men Calgary. This group meets once a quarter and members nominate nonprofits, 3 of which are chosen to present on their organization. At the end of the presentation one nonprofit receives about $10,000 (each member contributing $100). Prior to the presentations, each evening includes a speaker to lead things off. At a recent function the guest speaker was Theoren Fleury, Motivational Speaker at Fleury14 Enterprises Inc. and past NHL superstar from the Calgary Flames. His presentation was on his life and the challenges he faced throughout his hockey career as a result of being sexually abused by his hockey coach.

One thing that Theoren shared that I will never forget is the importance of helping someone else in a difficult situation no matter how bad things are going in your life. This will not only help ruminating about your own problems, but your problems will also be put in perspective. Unfortunately there is always someone worse off than you.

Volunteering means freely offering something or performing a service willingly and without pay. It’s hard not to see the benefit of doing something for someone at your own free will.

If you or anyone you know, whether in your family, a friend, etc., is going through a difficult time, or just wants to make their life more fulfilling, try volunteering as a I can certainly affirm to how good it makes me feel when helping those in need.

If you would like to learn more about how my experience and skills may be able to help benefit your nonprofit, or a nonprofit you may be associated with, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me as I would be pleased to meet and discuss the opportunity of working together.

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