February 1, 2012

Special Events, Sponsorship and Fund-Raiser or Friend-Raiser?

6505339A special event is a one-time event focused on a specific purpose such as a groundbreaking, grand opening or other significant occasion i.e. the life of a library. Special events may also be created for other targeted purposes such as a jobs fair; awards banquet or logo contest. These onetime special events are different from “programs” offered on a continuing basis such as a lecture series, summer reading club or story hour. Please see these event planning tips offered to help guide your event; these tips are for planning an event for a library, however, could be used to plan any special event: http://www.librarysupport.net/librarylovers/eventips.html

Although organizing such an event may sound like “fun” to some, there’s a tremendous amount of work that goes into planning a community fundraising event. And, keeping an eye on the bottom line, event planners must stay focused on creating value for event sponsors, which underwrites a significant portion of event costs and funds raised. Sponsors also play a critical role in the ongoing success and expansion of community walks, explains Liz Klug, director of special events for the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. Y-ME established its first walk in 1991 and has expanded the event to 15 cities for 2008. For more information on sponsorship please go to: http://eventplanning.about.com/od/eventplanningbasics/a/event-sponsors.htm

Should a special event be focused on making friends for an organization or bringing in money? On the one hand, every organization needs friends to help promote its mission and to be there for future fund-raising needs. But on the other, there are bills to be paid today. For more information, please see: http://www.raise-funds.com/2001/your-organizations-next-special-event-fund-raiser-or-friend-raiser/Event Planning Tips

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