December 4, 2012

Planning for the New Year

9379736Just recently (late September), Magno was introduced to a type of stem cell treatment which is offered in Mexico, as it is not offered in Canada nor the States. A mutual friend had introduced this to Magno as his son was also diagnosed with the same disease, and that child was actually cured after the very first treatment. After researching the clinic, and reading dozens of other testimonials of the same doctor, Magno decided to take the leap of faith and get his son the same treatment. Only the treatment would cost upwards of $30,000, with no guarantee that the same outcome would happen for Diego.

With the excitement of new hope for Diego, we wanted to help get this treatment as soon as possible. So we put together an event inviting friends and family to participate in helping send Magno and Diego to Mexico. We had only 2 weeks to prepare the event and raise the funds, which was at Tipperary’s Pub on 16th Ave on November 10th . The owners of the venue were very helpful towards the cause as they donated a portion of every drink towards the Concepcion’s. We also held a silent auction to help raise the funds. By the end of that night and including the 2 weeks prior, we had raised just over $26,000. This was enough to help send them off, and people were still donating during the next week. The weekend after the event, Magno and Diego went off the Mexico to start the treatment.

Again, I have not met with Magno since the event, and the only time I spoke to him is when he had mentioned his father passed away. But from what I’ve heard from others, Magno has started to notice small mental and physical changes in Diego. It was not as big as success as the mutual friend and his son. It was mentioned that every child is going to be different. There will need to be follow up consultations for Diego, but any progression towards a cure is considered a successful treatment. At this point, we are waiting for more information as to when the next treatments will take place.

Here is a link to Dr. Rader’s website and clinic information:

True story shared by Will Santos, Financial Security Advisor

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