Clients & Testimonials

These following organizations have utilized and greatly benefited from Mitchell’s services since 2010:


  • Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary (AFCC)
    “Mitch Ravvin’s support of the AFCC has been wholehearted, professional and effective. He helped us to achieve more than double our sponsorship revenue from the previous year. The assistance of friends like Mitch in critical non program efforts like the AFCC’s Annual Gala are invaluable to us and to the community we serve”. Sandra Sutter, President, Board of Directors, AFCC
  • Alberta Medieval Settlement (AMS) and the Brooks Medieval Faire (BMF)                                                                                                                                                    We, at the Alberta Medieval Settlement LTD, have been working with Mitch Ravvin for several months. His enthusiasm and professionalism were a welcome addition to our team. We greatly appreciated his experience, which held us to a high professional standard and allowed us to put our best face forward. We look forward to a time when we will be able to have him rejoin our team in the future, as our project develops and would not hesitate to recommend him to other organizations. We are disappointed to see him go and wish him all the best in his future adventures.” Jen Silverhorse, Co-director, AMS LTD
  • Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park (BCHP) 
 “I have enjoyed working with Mitchell Ravvin immensely on our last team project.  His   enthusiasm and kindness are genuine and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and done well.  Mitchell would be a valuable addition to any project involving Indigenous relations, financial management and sensitive socio-economic issues.” Deneen Allen, Project Manager, BCHP, and Founder & President, Pure North Canada Ltd.
  • Calgary Blues Music Association (CBMA)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Our company was fortunate to have had Mitch Ravvin introduced to us as a partner in our fundraising efforts.  We found Mitch to be an invaluable part of our team, his diligent, professional and personable approach is welcomed by potential clients.  Mitch holds the highest degree of integrity, which is valued by our organization and establishes a great comfort level with clients, as does his commitment to their happiness and ours.” Cindy McLeod, Producer & Artistic Director, Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest, Calgary International Blues Festival
  •  Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta (DSA-Alberta)
    “Mitch was very conscientious, and had a great attitude. We were impressed with his personalized approach and work ethic, as well as his communication with our organization. He strove to accurately represent our organization as a member, rather than as a contractor.” Matthew Schneider, Business Manager, DSA-Alberta
  • McMan Youth, Family & Community Services (Calgary)
    “Even though Mitch had a short time frame to work with, he still managed to add some revenue and profit from both sponsors and golfers; previous to his involvement we were only expecting to break even. We would definitely consider working with Mitch again and endorsing his effective work ethics and professionalism.” Ava Morasch, Director of Finance, McMan Youth, Family & Community Services
  • North Rocky View Community Links Society
    “Mitch has assisted us with a number of fundraising projects over time including: Two successful annual campaigns that have helped us attract new donors to our organization; Mitch has helped us change our donor data base which has proved extremely valuable for us; through his cultivation and relationship building skills, coupled with his proposal and grant writing skills, in our last fiscal year from April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014, Mitch assisted us in bringing in approximately $300,000 to meet our budget needs. Mitch is a fundraiser that produces results. It has been a great pleasure working with Mitch over the years and I would highly recommend contracting his professional fundraising services.” Brenda Hume, Executive Director, Community Links
  • Seniors Secret Service (SSS-Calgary and Surrounding Areas


  • The Doorway
    “The Doorway engaged Rave Results on a month by month contract – as many small organizations choose to do to manage the affordability of paid fundraising. Mitchell brings diligence and passion to his work and facilitates specific requirements of the organization through his practice of many years. He is eager to fulfill unique ‘asks’ as they arise in the community. He is a passionate advocate for the cause he works for and is eager to be a contributing team member with this focus.” Marilyn Dyck, Executive Director, The Doorway
  • The Freed Artist Society (ReFreshed Crew)
  “You adapted, worked productively in a wild new landscape and always brought your truth            to the table.” Ira lee Gathers, Strategic Director, The Freed Artist Society


  • Airdrie Koinonia Christian School (AKCS)
    “We’re really glad that he was a part of our team. Mitch was our school’s external fundraiser, which was a daunting task as he worked hard to create connections between our school and the business community. His continually cheerful nature and helpfulness spoke volumes for his character and personality. Mitch would be a definite asset to any organization, both because of his team player personality and his sacrificial efforts” Earl Driedger, Principal, AKCS
  • Airdrie Public Library
    “Mitch Ravvin presented a PowerPoint presentation for a few hours on December 12, 2012 to a number of the Airdrie Public Library Board and Staff. I found the information he presented very good, Mitch’s presentation style very engaging, I liked Mitch’s local references since he is already working with a couple of clients at this time in Airdrie, and would certainly consider working with Mitch or recommending his professional fundraising services.” Shelley Sweet, Board member of Airdrie Public Library, and Managing Director of Airdrie Housing Limited
  • Environmental Law Centre (Alberta) 


“Mitchell joined our team to help with fundraising for our Engineering Academy. He is our academy’s first effective fundraiser, which was the difficult task of creating connections between our academy and the high-tech corporate world in today’s economy. Mitchell works well with our team and asks for clarification on proposals when needed. He is hard working, professional and diligent with his work ethic and is passionate about our vision. Thank you, Mitchell.” Dean White, CEO & Founder, Roots 2 STEM


  • Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation                                                                           
  • Epilepsy Association of Calgary
    “We were literally drowning as a result of the impact of the 2013 floods in Calgary and needed to reconnect with existing donors as well as reach out to new ones. With Mitch’s skill and expertise, not only did Mitch help increase our annual donations, he helped secure a number of three year commitments and foundation grants. EAC was in need of a life raft, which Mitch ably provided and we’re looking forward to a continued working relationship. Thank you Mitch!” Kathy Fyfe, Executive Director, Epilepsy Association of Calgary


     “Mitch is extremely passionate about his work and has an out of the box thinking approach          that allows himself and the people he is working with to see all angles of the task that is at          hand. I look forward to a continuing partership with Mitch for many years to come.” Mike            Hambly Owner/Operator, Braille It
  • Canada West Foundation
    “Mitch’s assignment…was a challenging one…Mitch poured a great deal of energy into the challenge and …we were impressed by the vitality he brought to the office …as well as…a great deal of determination, energy and grit” Dr. Roger Gibbins, President and CEO, Canada West Foundation
  • Catherine Brownlee
    “Mitch Ravvin is the consummate professional with an excellent reputation. He successfully crossed over from “corporate” to the “nonprofit” world and we are all so fortunate for that reason! Mitch’s contributions to our community through his professional work and his volunteer efforts are exceptional and exemplary. Thank you Mitch!” Catherine Brownlee, CEO-Prominent Personnel
  • Jewish Community Foundation, Calgary
    “Mitch Ravvin is an inspiring professional. I am so proud to count on him as…colleague in the fundraising community.” Milton Bogoch, President, Jewish Community Foundation, Calgary
  • Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society (SABIS) 
    “Mitch’s generosity of spirit and willingness to mentor the fund development activities of our employees has been a great benefit to the Society. Mitch’s knowledge of the charitable sector of the economy in combination with his knowledge of fund development strategies makes him a capable and dedicated fund development resource.” Dr. Dennis J. Cooney, Executive Director, SABIS
  • Spectra Alternative Solutions
    “Mitch has worked closely with me on many fund development and special event initiatives. Without his dedication, skills and enthusiasm, many of the major achievements of the time would not have been fully realized. It  has been a pleasure to work with Mitch and I look forward to additional opportunities in the future.” Cal Schuler, C.H.R.P., Disability Consultant, Spectra Alternative Solutions
  • Spinal Cord Injury Alberta
    “Mitch demonstrated a high level of energy and expertise toward developing the capacity of the organization to broaden the base of revenues. Mitch demonstrated success during a very challenging economic climate…and I particularly commend him for his mentorship to colleagues around the importance and use of contact management software.” Teren Clarke, BN, MM (Mgmt) Chief Executive Officer, Spinal Cord Injury Alberta
  • Werklund Foundation
    ” Mitch has a very professional approach. He is very good at his job and one of the few fundraisers that is exceptional at building relationships with funders.” Shannon Knutson, Foundation Administrator, Werklund Foundation