July 25, 2018

Monthly Giving

The benefits of the Monthly Giving Program offer many benefits to both the donor and the nonprofit:

• Monthly Giving programs make donations easier
• Increased giving and donations
• Increased Retention Rates
• Low Administration Costs
• Predictable Income
• Better Communication
• Engaging Younger Donors
• Environmentally friendly

I don’t disagree that many of these points have great merit, however, I would argue the following:

• Monthly Giving programs make it easier for nonprofits to receive the money on a regular basis, however, what about if the donor needs to make changes to their monthly amount? I have had experiences that at times when I need to change my monthly donation amount due to changes in income and have been advised by the nonprofit that this change has been made; but in fact not only was the change not been made, but I may have asked them to lessen the donation amount for the time being by a certain increment and the nonprofit has increased the monthly amount by that same increment instead?

• I have also asked for the donation amount to be stopped for a variety of reasons i.e. the nonprofit no longer exists, your cash flow needs have changed, or you have chosen to support some other organization(s). In all three of these different situations of mine it took me sometimes several phone calls to stop the money from coming out of my account which is a real hassle and, in some ways, feels not only awkward but can leave you with a terrible opinion of that nonprofit!

• One situation that really bothers me, is that once you sign up for monthly giving you may start receiving huge quantities of mail which not only gets onerous to read, but I feel that my money is been used primarily for printing costs then going directly to helping the needs of the nonprofit. I have asked to opt out of receiving any print information, and in some situations these instructions were not followed, which I find hugely frustrating!

So, I get why nonprofits want to have the consistent cash flow and all the other advantages as listed previously through Monthly Giving; however, it’s also the nonprofit’s responsibility to be good customer service agents to honor the directions of the donor and make any changes accurately and timely. I don’t believe there should be any excuses about this as your donors are the lifeblood to your organization and if you don’t keep them happy you certainly will not have a good recipe for success to maintain a good reputation for your nonprofit.

If you would like to learn more about how my experience and skills may be able to help benefit your nonprofit, or a nonprofit you may be associated with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, as I would be pleased to meet and discuss the opportunity of working together.

I hope you enjoy my postings and find this information useful. Please follow the link at: https://raveresults.ca/blog/ as I welcome your comments on my Blog.

Thanks, and hope your summer is going great ?

Mitchell Ravvin, BComm, PFPC, CFRE
Professional Fundraiser
Rave Results Inc.
7436 21A Street SE
Calgary, AB T2C 0V9

Rave Results Inc. is a professional fundraising service specializing in assisting mid-size nonprofit organizations. Areas of expertise include: Donor Development, Major Gift Fundraising, Sponsorship, Planned Giving, and both Annual and Capital Campaigns.

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