May 31, 2019

Fundraising Ideas

I often asked the question, “what nonprofit fundraiser would be the best to raise the most money?”

Nonprofit fundraising ideas come in all shapes and sizes. For many organizations, raising a regular amount of money is vital to keep going.

Coming up with novel fundraisers not only helps to bring in much needed cash but can also raise the profile of your cause.

Many ideas are tried and tested but the great nonprofit fundraisers come about when people think outside the box. Even if you can’t come up with a totally new fundraiser, try to think how you might change or tweak an existing plan. How can you add some value?

A good way to start is by looking at your cause and having a brainstorming session around it. Use it as your central focus but then let your imagination run wild. You might be surprised with what you come up with. Even wild and wacky ideas can work if you can get enough people behind them.

If you are passionate about your cause it will shine through in all your nonprofit’s activities!

Here is a great list of fundraising ideas for your nonprofit to consider getting you started:

50 : 50 Raffle, Bake Sale Fundraisers , Bake Sale Recipes, Balloon Fundraising Ideas, Beetle Drive, Bingo Night Fundraiser, Brick Fundraising, Candle Fundraisers, Candy Bar Fundraising, Charity Bungee Jump, Charity Car Donations, Charity Car Wash, Charity Christmas Cards, Charity Head Shave, Charity Race Night, Charity Quilts, Charity Walks, Colour Run, Cookbook Fundraising, Cookie Dough Fundraising, Company Donations, Cotton Candy Maker, Dog Show, Ferret Racing, Firewalking, Flower Bulb Fundraising, Fortune Cookies, Fun Quizzes For Charity Fundraisers, Fundraising Auctions, Fundraising Buttons / Badges, Fundraising Christmas Wreaths, Fundraising Ideas For Kids such as: Colouring Wall, Teddy Bears Picnic, Space Hopper Racing, Spelling Bee Fundraiser, and Toddler Triathlon, Fundraising Thermometer, Furniture Donations (For Sale Or Re-use), Go-kart Derby, Knitting For Charity, Lollipop Fundraisers, Magazine Fundraisers, Office Fundraising Ideas, Parachute Jump, Penny Wars, Pizza Fundraiser, Plant Sale, Popcorn Fundraiser, Potato Challenge Fundraiser, Recycling for Charity, Recycle Mobile Phones, Recycle Print Cartridges, Rubber Duck Race , Rubber Wrist Bands (Awareness Bracelets), Run a Marathon, Scratch Card Fundraiser, Scrip Fundraising, Snail Racing, Stadium Seat Cushions, Street Charity Collections, Tupperware Fundraising, Wine Tasting Fundraiser, Write a Book for Charity, and Santa and other holiday Run(s).

It may be that none of these fundraising methods fit your organization and you wish to develop a completely different fundraising campaign; or you require assistance in developing one of these existing fundraising methods or creating something entirely different. If I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

I hope you enjoy my postings and find this information useful. Please follow the link at: as I welcome your comments on my Blog.

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