August 17, 2011

Does the age of social media create new opportunities for fundraising?

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Non-profits are in a position to continually look at new and effective ways to maintain and increase their donor-base. The age of social media may or may not create new opportunities for fundraising. I have been doing some research on social media for small and medium size non-profits and have found some interesting resources that have helped backup some of my concerns around using Twitter and Facebook as fundraising tools.

Check out Lee Cruz’s blog post called “How should small and medium size
non-profits approach Facebook and Twitter for fundraising?”

First and foremost, Twitter and Facebook are communications networks. That is to say that the primary actions that take place are the posting and reading of messages, pictures, etc… To date these channels haven’t proven themselves to be majors centers of fundraising activity. In fact, a recent web usability study from the Nielsen Norman group has confirmed that people look to Facebook as a sec… (To view the complete blog post, visit:

Additionally, Jakob Neilsen highlights some further “points to ponder” before jumping on the social media “band wagon” when he writes: “Giving money on charity websites is 7% harder than spending money on e-commerce sites. Donating physical items is even harder. For non-profit websites, social media is secondary; the top priority is to write clearer content.” (for the full article please go to:

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