Category: Process of Fundraising

May 1, 2012


You might think that in a perfect world the government would provide all of the funding required for endeavors such as scientific research, environmental innovation, jobs programs and social services and private funding would not be required; however, would this be best? I have my own thoughts on this, however, please feel free to check […]

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March 1, 2012


I read an interesting article that I thought was worth sharing regarding PRINCIPLES & TECHNIQUES OF FUND RAISING by Phil Bartle, PhD. Although this document provides guidelines and suggestions for methods and principles of fundraising aimed at the financing of community based projects; this could serve as a good checklist for fundraising of many types. […]

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February 1, 2012

Special Events, Sponsorship and Fund-Raiser or Friend-Raiser?

A special event is a one-time event focused on a specific purpose such as a groundbreaking, grand opening or other significant occasion i.e. the life of a library. Special events may also be created for other targeted purposes such as a jobs fair; awards banquet or logo contest. These onetime special events are different from […]

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October 13, 2011

Is money the only thing a non-profit organization should think of when measuring success?

If businesses have embraced a “value based”approach to managing since it is imperative to make decisions that enhance and improve value for all stakeholders than why can’t nonprofits too? 1. Generating a return for investors is important but what about a return for supporters for nonprofits? 2. If employees need to be empowered in for-profit business […]

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June 17, 2011

Want Long Term Customers? Start with Saying Thanks — the Right Way

More from Business Owners When you land a new customer, what is your ultimate goal? To satisfy, delight, exceed expectations, create the“wow factor”…?  Absolutely — but this is your ultimate goal: Turn a new customer into a long term customer. Long term customers are the revenue gift that keeps on giving. That little bit of […]

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